jIAPS article contest

Write a physics related article to be published in jIAPS, and be eligible to win the full registration fee for ICPS!

1. The article must be written in English;
2. Any equations should be represented using LaTeX;
2. Any references must be made in APA or in bibTeX;
3. One must submit a physics related scientific article in the range of 2-5 pages when images are included, specifically between 1500 to 3000 words;
4. The deadline for version for the printed edition is 25 June 2016.
5. Articles will be judged on how well the knowledge is converted into understandable language which is neither too complex nor too simplistic.


Disclaimer: Winning the contest does not guarantee that you will have a place at ICPS, as that is subject to the Organising Committee’s decision. In case the winner cannot attend ICPS due to the fault or decision of the Organising Committee, the prize may be carried over for next year. The contest will not be held if we do not receive enough applications.


Non-scientific articles – e.g. on activites by our members and member committees – are also of interest to jIAPS.


The articles should be sent to jiaps@iaps.info.