3rd August, 2012. Gathering in front of the University of Novi Sad. For most of us, this was the longest trip ever. 28 passengers, 2 drivers, smiley faces; everything was ready for some good and quality time. The number of students from Serbia was not a surprise, because our young people yearn for travelling, meeting new cultures, but we are limited by the economic situation in our country. We’ve all heard of tulips, windmills, and specific Dutch architecture which is very different from ours, and those in our surrounding. All of this has tempted us to visit Netherlands. Aside from that, students in Novi Sad wish to improve their knowledge and to keep in with modern physics, meet the other physics students, and of course to have a good time, in which we are well known for. ICPS was a unique opportunity.

We organized this trip so we could pick up our dear colleagues from Zagreb on our way, even though it was not the shortest path. There was a great atmosphere in our bus during our travels, so the 36 hour long journey was not a problem. During this trip we also had a chance to visit Munich, which was also an advantage of travelling by bus.

All the time in Utrecht was accompanied by the hospitality of our hosts, and we were very satisfied with lectures as with the University and the laboratory visits, with whole new points of education, further specialization and possibilities of employment. The goal of ICPS was accomplished, and we returned home tired from the trip, but happy, full of new experiences, knowledge, nice memories and new friendships.