jIAPS Returns!

Welcome to the new website for jIAPS! IAPS is the International Association of Physics Students, and jIAPS is it’s journal. Since 1996, we have published hundreds of physics related articles written by students for students on every continent. jIAPS is published annually and freely distributed during ICPS, the International Conference for Physics Students. This year ICPS 2019 […]

ICPS 2018, Helsinki

The 33rd International Conference for Physics Students (ICPS) was held in Helsinki, Finland from 8 – 14 August. The conference brought together 357 students from almost 45 different countries, and as always, it was jam-packed with lectures, lab tours, excursions, workshops, and much, much more. The theme this year was particularly potent: changing environments. The […]

The daunting yet rewarding task of organising ICPS

Organising a scientific conference can be a daunting prospect. You know that it could offer exceptional career benefits by boosting your network and helping you to develop those famous soft skills: communication, teamwork and time management. But you might think the process involves unacceptable levels of stress, complications to your unpredictable schedule and even more […]

ICPS 2017, Turin

Arriving in Turin back in August 2017, we immediately dived into 30-degree heat. With sweat pouring we began meeting fellow physicists from across the globe: Mexico, India, Norway, Canada, US, Morocco and countless more. It was impossible to turn anywhere without learning a new piece of culture. The opening ceremony was held in a large […]

ICPS 2016, Malta

Sometimes, just sometimes, an unmissable opportunity comes along. You take it. You end up spending a fantastic week in the vicinity of people who happen to operate on the same wavelength as you, congregating from all over the world on this tiny but charming island of Malta. I am writing this on my homebound plane, knackered […]

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