jIAPS Returns!

Welcome to the new website for jIAPS!

IAPS is the International Association of Physics Students, and jIAPS is it’s journal. Since 1996, we have published hundreds of physics related articles written by students for students on every continent. jIAPS is published annually and freely distributed during ICPS, the International Conference for Physics Students. This year ICPS 2019 will be held in Cologne, Germany (registration opens 1st February).

If you are a physics student who likes to write we would like to hear from you! Perhaps you have taken part in an IAPS event (e.g. IAPS2CERN or PLANCKS) or maybe you’d like to enter our article competition (deadline February 28), for the chance to win a free place at ICPS. Get in touch with us at jiaps@iaps.info.

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